Tool & Die / Mold

Tool & Die / Mold

Parallel Tool & Die, Inc.Union, MissouriParallel a company INLINE with your needs.

Used to produce polymer parts. 

This Mold is used to make a Left and Right hand Mud flap for an auto manufacturer.

Thermoform Mold

Used to shape polymer from flat material.  A horizontal and vertical burn were conducted on this mold to achieve the proper lettering for our customer. This material is 7075 aluminum. The electrodes were machined using .01 diameter ball nose endmills to creat the extra fine details.


This is an aluminum   blow mold that produces patio furnishings using polycarbonate material.
The mold is machined in our Fadal machining center.

Blow Mold

General single station die. This die carries both part and scrap out with the die progression.   This Die is designed to stamp out a .012 thick stainless steel 50-52 Rockwell C flapper valve. The die is made from D-2 Tool steel 60-62 Rc. Die clearance is .0004, and incorporates a ball cage guide system.

Used to trim excess  polyurethane from a part.  This Die is used to trim excess material off of an air pad.  This die was manufactured from S-7 Tool Steel and also incorporates an aluminum die set.

Produces a part with multiple shapes, holes, and bends, usually using several station to produce a completed part.  This Die is designed to make two parts, one Left and one Right, at the same time.

Compound Stamping  Die

Trim Die

Progressive Die

Injection Mold

               Other injection molds manufactured at Parallel Tool & Die.