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Parallel Tool & Die, Inc.Union, MissouriParallel a company INLINE with your needs.

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Designed  for a tier 1 auto manufacturer to cut and place a 18 inch long piece of  3M double stick tape. Two machines were produced one left and one right.

Parallel Tool & Die has been directly involved in the manufacturing of the next generation special purpose machine. Spec Tech is made “Ready to Run”, you simply need to add fixture details or tooling to the tool sets and load in the machine. Please visit the website http://www.spectech24.com.

Automation project employing Fanuc robots  to fully automate the unloading and packing of parts from an aluminum die cast press. Several stages were included in the process, removal from casting die, quenching, load and unload trim die, 2 sensor stations to verify part placement and retention. Packing cell places 392 parts per box and cardboard sheet layers. See more pictures and videos on our Facebook page.